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A Final Message To A Dying World!

DID YOU know?


   YaHUaH (The Creator) says, "If any man worship the Beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand; the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of Elohim; which is poured out without mixture."
(Revelation 14:9). This is undiluted, or full-strength. Note: Receiving the mark is the result of worshiping the image! It's about who or what we worship!

   So,YaHUaH's message is, do not worship the Beast and his image. Now, wouldn't that mean that this image has already been set up, at least partially, since we are warned not to worship it? 



ants, once accepted the biblical fact that the Roman Catholic Church (the Papacy) is the Great Harlot, and Mother of harlots (Mother Church), of Revelation 17; but the Protestants are her daughters. Scripture plainly shows that this Beast, or Great Harlot, is also identified in Daniel 7, as the "Little Horn" power that would "think to change times and laws

You may ask, what times and laws are mentioned here? Well, in her own publications, the RCC brags of having the power to change those times and laws, and that it is a sign, or mark of her ecclesiastical powers. She changed how the Law is taught by excluding the second commandment; dealing with idolatry, image worshp, or veneration, from her doctrinal teachings; and abrogates the fourth one by substituting the first day, Sunday, in place of the seventh-day Sabbath of YaHUaH. See Gen. 1:31 & Ex. 20: 8-11. She also hides the feast days as laid down in Scriptures.

   Now that the Papacy is recognize is by some, as the "great whore/harlot" of Revelation 17:19, 18 & also; the Beast of Revelation 14:9, having an image of it set up, and we are warned not to worshp it (the IMAGE); just what could constitute an "IMAGE of the Papacy"? Well, it would probably be an organizational structure, for worship; that is an IMAGE, or copy, of the Papacy, and would function as it does. Can you see the so-called "Protestants"?

   From "The Converts Catechism of Catholic Doctrine, 3rd edition, P.50" we read:

  • "Question- Have you any way of proving that the church has the power to institute festivals of precept?"
  • "Answer- Had she not the power, she could not have substituted the observancce of Sunday, the first day of the week, for Saturday, the seventh day; a change for which there is no Scriptural authority."
  • "Question- Which day is the Sabbath day?"
  • "Answer- Saturday is the Sabbath day."
  • "Question- Why do we (Catholics) observe Sunday instead of Saturday?
  • "Answer- We observe Sunday instead of Saturday, because the Catholic Church, in the Council of Laodicea (A.D. 364) Transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday."

   Also, as of the Second Vatican Council, or Vatican II, of Oct. 1962 to Sept. 1965, the Protestants are no longer considered 'heretics' by the Papacy. They are now, just 'separated brethren.' Over a century ago, Alexander Campbell; founder of the Disciples of Christ, said of the different Protestant sects, or denominations:

"they retain in their bosoms; their ecclesiastical organizations, worshp, doctrines, and observances, various relics of popery. There was, at best, a reformation-in-part. The doctrines and traditions of men impair the power and progress of the Gospel, in their hands."  


Now, what exactly; is the Papacy? Well, it is no less than a union of Church and State, to the point that the Church is in a position to rule the State, or even more so; The Church in possession of the State and the powers of the State, using them to enforce church decrees and dogmas. If the image of the Beast is set up here, in the U.S.; the governing powers, or Congress, would have to operate on the same principles of violation of individual rights, religious freedom and liberty of conscience; and thereby, following the same oppression used by the Roman Catholic Church, in centuries past.

  The Protestant churches, in the words of Fr. Houxigan, of the Jesuit seminary; wrote in the Toronto Daily Star, of Oct. 26, 1949:

"The Anglicans and the other Protestant denominations retained that tradition (Sunday worship) , and others, when the Reformation came along."


On Feb. 29, 1892; prior to the opening of the Columbian Exposition (First World's Fair) in Chicago, the next year; the issue of closing the gates on Sunday, in honor of the Sabbath of the Roman Church and her daughters, the Protestant churches of Revelation. 17:5, was pushed before The House Committee on the World's Fair. It was, then, in 1892, that the U.S.Congress upheld the petitions of the mainline churches, to close the gates for a day of rest, 'that all might keep holy the Sabbath day (Sunday).' This, in a sense, allowed for the enforcement of a church decree (Sunday worship); which was in violation of the First Amendemnt of the Constitution of the United States; and, in effect, set aside the Constitution, along with the freedoms it guarantees!

   For this reason, we should not be concerned, as some are saying and teaching, about a "National Sunday Law," or any such future legislation, to usher in/set up the image of the Beast. Sunday legislation is already an instituation in this country, and others!

   My beloved friends, the Middle East is very volatile and is effecting the entire world. Soon, the nations of this world may side with or sympathize with the U.S., on this issue; especially, concerning Israel; and the next thing you know, the Beast may urge :' a way for all to find peace', through ecumenism ( a one-world religion), and this is simply another way of saying that all should agree with the Papacy on this issue for the sake of harmony or 'Christian unity.' Looking at Revelation 13:8, we read that, 'all that dwell upon the earth will worship him ( the Beast); whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life.' These folks are lost! Please read verses 13-15.

  Those who see the lying wonders for what they really are, and refuse to worship the image will be labeled as criminals, by society. But, even though labeled, as criminals: these Saints (qodesh/set-apart ones) as YaHUaH (The Creator) calls them, will continue keeping His Torah/Law/Teachings, and holding the faith (testimony) of Yahushua (the Messiah). Please read Revelation 14:12. The Set-Apart ones are not included in the 'all that dwell upon the earth'; because, they are not of this world! They have totally different characters than worldly people, and are part of the Kingdom of YaHUaH here and now!

  Beloved ones, we, here today, are on the threshold of eternity! Whether we realize it, or not, we are in a very serious situation. We had better make sure we are prepared, so we can prepare a people to meet the Messiah when He comes in the clouds of Heaven. We should do as John the Baptist (Yohanan the Immerser) did, to prepare the way for HIM; taking Him at HIS word and trusting that He will do exactly as He says. We should step out in faith; in HIS power, which He has already promised. Because, He says, 'all power is given to me in Heaven and Earth; go ye,therefore.' He has the power to accomplish miracles and commands us to, go in HIS power. Under these conditions, there will be no hindrances, unless we doubt His Word and fail to trust in His promise to be with us, always! He has promised He would. He said, 'Go ye therefore, and teach all nations to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and Lo, I am with you always.' Also, the 'all things whatsoever I have commanded you'must include His Torah, Law, or Teachings; since 'all these things' are not being taught by a system that calls herself, 'Christianity'!


Clearly, now we see that it is her, that great whore of Revelation, the Mother Harlot known as the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) that has thought to change YaHUaH's times ( Feast Days) and HIS laws (Ten Commandments-Torah). Sadly, her daughters, known as the Protestant churches, follow after her. Be on guard, soon we will see, The Christian Nation rise up!



Written By
George Thore, SR.
Edited By
L. McGuire

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